About us

About_UsIMC was established in 2007 to provide European companies, NGO’s with information and services necessary to realise business and development opportunities in emerging East-African markets and Communities.

Thanks to our supporting offices in Kampala (Uganda) and Nairobi (Kenya) which will open soon,  as well as local agents in various East-African countries, IMC, is well positioned to introduce clients to potential business and development partners.

IMC specialises in consulting Irish entrepreneurs and NGO’s developments about (starting and developing) cooperation and partnerships between the continents. By providing entrepreneurs from East-Africa the opportunity to do what they are good to -venture- into, we try to make a contribution to end dependency many East-African countries find themselves in.

Through partnerships, IMC hopes to stimulate investment and / or sale of capital, knowhow and production methods, thereby contributing to the further development of the private sector and Communities.

IMC Future events:

  • Irish Trade Mission to Uganda and Rwanda.
  • Ugandan delegation to Agriculture Fair
  • East African Cultural groups to World Cultures (August)
  • Fashion Fair
  • Organise East-African Enterprise Fair
  • NGOs from East Africa exhibit on Africa Day in Dublin

Countries in which we work:

IMC activities take place in:

  • East-Africa: Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and Sudan
  • Europe: The Republic of Ireland, (North and South).

IMC collaborates with other organizations, NGO’s and consultancy agencies from other EU Countries. Joint trade missions are organized to East-Africa as well as incoming missions to EU Member states.