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Discover the resources from across the globe to support Businesses in planning their international Strategies and succeed in today’s competitive world”

What IMC can do for your business:


  • Provide information on entering the new markets (Countries)  Business License.
  • Trade Data & Analysis.
  • Business Partnerships and Joint Ventures
  • Get informed on a wide range of current industry and trade information between Europeand Eastern- Africa.
  • Information on essential resources necessary to enter and compete at the international level.
  • Export and Import support.
  • Whether you are new to international  Trade, partnerships, trying to enter a new Market or looking to expand your Business, here is where you will find support through International Management Consultancy (IMC).
  • We do provide information and Consultancy for  Business needs, at all levels.
  • We support with Business Strategy and Planning,
  • Market Research,
  • Market Entry to a new Country and expansion for Businesses.

Our offering
If your company is interested in entering the Eastern African regions IMC offers a wide range of advisory services, ranging from general market,  feasibility assessments of expansion plans, work permit for International Employees,  business plans,  business placement and development strategies.

We prepare a short review of whether it is viable for your company to be present in your target country. We ask the fundamental question “Can you make money here?” This approach generates a brief overview of the market structure and major demand stimulators, major market players, pricing strategies and tariffs. All of the findings are channeled into the process of calculating the likelihood of you successfully realizing your ambitions. Our ultimate goal is to support our clients in maximising return on investment (ROI) and ensuring they can make informed decisions about their expansion plans. If requested, we will include recommendations for your entry strategy into the new market or markets in question.


Value for the client
IMC Global’s client benefit from our unrivaled understanding of markets. Thanks to our extensive experience in these regions, we understand the markets, their drivers, the competitive landscape, opportunities and potential threats. All of this expertise is harnessed to put your company in the best possible position to achieve its goals, maximise return on investment, and at the same time, identify, avoid and mitigate the risks involved in pursuing your strategic objectives.

IMC represents the channeling of almost 10 years of consulting experience and best practice into a market entry.  More services are available depending on the needs of the Company.



Services are based on Consultancy rates.