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Recruitment of Non-EU workers to work in Ireland


  • Primarily recruitment of suitable candidates to work at farms in Ireland and other jobs
  • The employer recruiting an employee, needs to advertise the position of “dairy-farm worker” OR other job in the local newspaper, and to inform the local employment office in advance of committing to employ a foreign worker
  • Employer confirms in writing of your interest and the job offer/need to IMC Global.
  • The process takes 6-12 weeks to process the work permit.
  • All necessary work to be done in the country of origin is clarified below but it takes time to process all documentations.
  • The candidates are selected by professional recruiters in the countries we work in.
  • Selection include good spoken and written English, certified health, certified crime free record and previous education and work experience, especially agriculture/ farm experience / and other work.
  • We conduct interviews and verification of their profile/careers to date.
  • We carry out all the necessary verification (including Passports not less than 2.5 years of validity to expiring date) and on foot of sufficient information to lodge work permits in Ireland, both hard copies and electronic copies.
  • Interpol verification of Candidate
  • Training of candidates.
  • Medical check-ups and suitability of workers.
  • Confirmation from the Department of Labour in all Countries we recruit (Africa/ India/Ukraine).
  • Recommendations’ letters of reference of candidates from employers or vocational school in home countries
  • The workers will sign an agreement with the employer/farmer for the stated time to work in Ireland. There will be a two-year work permit, renewable if the worker interested to continue
  • Work permit confirmation to Employer/Farmer.
  • Employer/Farmer to find suitable accommodation for the worker either on the farm or nearby village or town
  • The minimum wage should be in place to pay the worker.
  • There will be worker-insurance in place by employing farmer, and if accommodation is on the farm, this will be insured also
  • A Job Offer between the Employer and IMC Global
  • A working agreement between the Employer and Worker
  • A fee to find the non-EU worker.

An agreement to be signed by the employer and IMC Global before recruiting the non-EU Worker

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There are many great career opportunities in Ireland as companies look to grow their export trade.


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IMC Global recruits for all Agriculture workers and other trade areas.

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