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Who We Are & What We Do



The University/Colleges associated with IMC are experienced when dealing with International Students and have strong international departments which can advise on all aspects of student life. It is important that the student be aware that IMC is also available to them should any problems arise, and the student will be provided with contact details for IMC representatives in their choice country of study prior to their departure.


IMC provides the following services to its student clients:

(1)  Career Counselling (Academic)

IMC directs its students on career paths suitable to their experience & academic background while considering the students dreams/goals and objectives. We keep in contact with career counsellors on campus of the various institutions/client universities and colleges of IMC.

Students are expected to assess provided information and make an informed opinion based on same.

(2)  Interview & Assessment

IMC on behalf of its client institutions will interview students to ascertain their suitability regarding entry to a programme within that institution.

Guidelines for this interview (initial assessment) is given by the academic institutions. The interview is recorded and delivered to the institutions for further assessment, and acceptance of students is the primary responsibility of the institutions based on assessment scores achieved at interview and academic history.

The assessment procedures help verify the student’s capability in carrying out his/her studies at the particular university/college and if she/he has the temperament and compatibility to work in their chosen field of study. This is particularly important in the area of medicine and health care.

(3)  Registration

Assistance in the completion of registration with the University or College.

(4)  Student Visas

Assisting the student when presenting his/her visa application to the relevant consulate or embassy.

(5) Constant Contact

Through its offices, IMC representatives remain in contact with its students should they require assistance throughout their stay in their new country of study.

(6) Reporting Mechanisms

IMC can provide a reporting mechanism for the parents/sponsor of the student (on prior arrangement with the student) regarding the student’s progress.

(7) Flights

We assist our students in their travel abroad and encourage travel n groups for easier immigration clearance.  Pick up and drop facility at the overseas location would be facilitated for students travellng n groups.

(8) Meet & Greet

Representatives of IMC will meet its students at the airport on arrival in their country of study (where university representatives are not available) and bring the student to their selected campus, introducing them to university counsellors.  It is essential that the student proceed to the institution immediately on arrival to register and legalise his/her presence in the country.

(9) Educational Loan

IMC can assist students in processing their educational loans where necessary.

(10) Part-time Student Jobs

Students can work part-time during their study per the prevailing rules applicable to their respective country of study.  In this regard, IMC can assist the student where possible.

Orientation Programmes

IMC provide pre-orientation programmes prior to the student’s arrival in their new country of study, and we strongly encourage students to avail of the programmes offered by the academic institutes. This should include information pertaining to the following:

  • Legal requirements, expected behaviour & dress code
  • Registration in the Country of Study (GNIB)
  • Social events, places to see and places to avoid
  • Part time Jobs & transport
  • General Information (Pre-Orientation)

Most institutions under IMC have a strong international department who can advise students on accommodation. Where this is not available IMC can assist the student in finding appropriate accommodation.

Students, particularly those travelling alone, would be best availing of university/college accommodation for the first three months familiar with their new city, then seeking private accommodation,  ideally sharing with other students.

Developing friendships and good relations with fellow students does help, as well as taking full advantage of the accommodation offices/social welfare and international offices in their universities/colleges.

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